Friday, 6 December 2013

The Burrata

Once again, Bocca has been awarded in some way by Time Out Magazine. In fact they have published the list of 50 best dishes in Abu Dhabi mentioning my “burrata with grilled calamari”.
The burrata is a prominent Italian delicacy made with a mozzarella shell filled with a soft mix of cream and mozzarella scraps (called “stracciatella”).

It is born in the Bianchini farm, around the year 1920, in the city of Andria (Apulia region) and rapidly has been produced also by several other farms in the same area, because of this new way to use back the leftover of the mozzarella production

It has a rich buttery flavour and it can be served with salads, prosciutto crudo, pasta and in many other combinations, but has much it is simple, as much it is a curative remedy for the mind and the soul (…and I’m not kidding).

For the Bocca version I choose to serve this wonder with a scoop of juicy sautéed eggplants, grilled calamari on the side, some cherry tomato here and there and a touch of extra virgin olive oil.

Indeed, it rocks!!!

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