Monday, 7 January 2013

Reminding Chef "Rao"

In January 3rd, immediately after the celebrations and happiness for the new year, I faced something “different and sad” for the first time in my long career. 

A colleague, Chef Rao, is passed away after an heart attack and a fulminous agony, he was in charge as chef in the over busy banqueting kitchen at Hilton Abu Dhabi. 

I worked with him only three months, enough to write his name in my very short “Real Gentlemen List”. 

After 27 years spent at Hilton Abu Dhabi, we can easily say that it is now missing one of the pillars of the great reputation of this hotel. At the age of 51, 
he leaves the wife, four daughters, one son, 
4 grandchildren… and us… 

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