Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Super Tomato

After the disgusting decision of the European Commission to introduce in the continent the cultivation of the super potato (genetically modified), here you are the Italian reply!

Born in the laboratories of the CNR - Italian National Research Council, many have already renamed the Super Tomato.

Not the result of genetic manipulation at the molecular level, but the result of a cross between two varieties: the San Marzano tomato (pure), which is known to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease and the Black Tomato (Californian), a real bomb of vitamin C.

The result is a concentration - size XL - powerful antioxidants.

The study and research is started on 2002, when the first seedlings arising from natural pollination were studied, analyzed and monitored until the end of 2007.

It has a high nutritional factor, for better flavor, lends itself to be handled and eaten raw, as salsa and juice.
It also has the extraordinary capacity to retain all the oxidizing properties after cooking and it has been tested to a temperature above 280 degrees.
So, a true natural wonder, thanks to the study and Italian research.
It is expected to arrive on
next spring on the counters of markets, the name is still missing, but is it a problem? Just ask for a kilo of SuperT!

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