Sunday, 14 February 2010

Surfing on the web and chatting a bit...

I'm having fun surfing on internet and I must say it's real fun indeed...

Nr. 1, suppliers are running after Mr.Gordon Ramsey (3 Michelin stars) asking for the payment of old bills [?!?]

Nr. 2, KNORR, the popular company specialized in producing food and especially the famous "stock cubes", has engaged Mr.Marco Pierre White (3 Michelin stars) as the testimonial for the "New Stock Pot" (it's not a cube, just a jellified polpetta...) [?!?]

Nr. 3, El Bulli, the best restaurant in the World, will close its doors, because the Chef Patron Mr.Ferran AdriĆ  (3 Michelin stars), is losing 500.000 € per year [?!?]

My question is: is this a 3 Michelin Stars Macumba or they are bad managers in exasperating need of money[?!?]

mmm... mmm... let me think about a simple trattoria...

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