Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bla, Bla, Bla...

There is a kind of dispute between an Italian satiric TV Journal (Striscia la Notizia) and some Italian chefs supporting Ferran Adria’ and his prosperous business based on product dedicated to the molecular cuisine.

After some reportages of this journal and some investigations of the Ministry of Health, it is arrived the stop of the Government for the trading of additives as Algin, Gluco, Xantana, etc, being proved the presence of chemicals in these products normally not declared in the menus.

This issue is inflaming several "foody" blogs and, on top, we can add also the “McItaly affair”, the new sandwich created by McDonald with the support and the sponsorship of the Italian Minister of Agriculture Mr. Zaia.

So, on one side, there is a group of gourmands supporting the additives of Ferran Adria’, with the excuse to develop the cuisine in a modern one.

In the other side there is the same group of gourmands against a sandwich totally made with Italian products, with the excuse to say no to a multinational.

On the side of a “simple cook” (me) I would say, honestly, that, as usual, it is normal for “average Italians” to jump on a fast and trendy truck (additives) spreading shit on a multinational, a minister or whatever doesn’t think like “the elite” and, in any case, McDonald is making a fortune with McItaly, Adria’ is making a fortune with his additives and both of them are out of my life and job standards.

Just my two cents


  1. hi, cool post! i'm from Florence check my blog out if you like, and join the chat on the mcItaly on my fanpage! dicci la tua!

  2. Grazie, appena posso mi butto nella mischia...