Saturday, 1 August 2009

No matter if it sounds as an old philosophy…

Yes, no matter, but you should use these few tips to everything in your life.

- Work out first what your goal is, not now, but your ULTIMATE goal it can be in 10, 15, 25 years! Then work out what you have to do to achieve that and rethink: are the tradeoffs too great in your day to day life to reach our dream? Good! Make a practical plan to get there, and take the first physical step.

- If you want to be exec chef in charge of a 1500 room hotel with 29 F&B outlets, forget small 4 stars and restaurants with "good" brand name chefs.
If you want to work at El Bulli, don’t send your CV to Sheraton, Accor and Intercontinental.

- What do you want?
Easy booze, cheap drugs, having a laugh with the lads at work? Go for a club or a small restaurant where the focus is on a relaxed lifestyle and not good food or excellence. If you want to be a lad, forget being a good chef.

- A passion for food?
Maybe a well regarded restaurant under a passionate skilled chef who will take pleasure and pride in teaching you the art of cooking, it is for sure a good experience to do.

- Thrills and spills?
Travel the world working in resorts, hotels, tourist seasons and soak up your experiences.

- If you go into work every day feeling miserable and bent out of shape, you are not "trading off" anything, you are wasting 10 valuable years of life, just like a jail sentence or a bad marriage.

- Can't take criticism?
Know better than the others, never stop to learn and work in places that will give you skills and sense of business to set up yourself.

- Connections.
You need a network to put yourself in the right situations, to meet the right people in the right time.

- Nobody can answer your question, you need to decide:
whether to sacrifice money for experience to move up the ladder towards your ultimate job, or whether to take the small opportunities, make big bucks and sacrifice career advantages and your ability to build a strong, saleable CV.

- Your motivations, your personality and your long term goals should be a factor in what you choose to do and, remember, that life is not about winning the top job.

Above all, love what you are doing, and take the attitude that your are contributing everywhere you go, as well as taking experience, life lessons, gaining skills and shaping yourself.
Think long term, and enjoy each day to the fullest, you will be set for success in a lifestyle that fulfils your ambitions and goals.

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